Storytelling on Instagram: Tips for Brands from travel expert Christian LeBlanc

A few weeks ago, during a post-graduation trip to Thailand, I posted a picture free followers on instagram instantly of a plate of pad thai. That was it. Just pad thai. It got 19 likes. Honestly, I’m not sure why I would have expected anyone to care. This pad thai picture didn’t help fellow travelers, it provided no information on where I bought it or how it tasted, and it had no relevance to the previous and future posts. My end goal was to create a buzz, show my family about my trip, and show friends something useful and interesting, but that end goal was difficult to achieve without consistency and relevance.I should have known better. Before my trip, I came across 1000 free instagram likes an account for a 22 year old Canadian traveler named Christian. He was awesome. Cool pictures, unique experiences, and amazing advice for traveling to Southeast Asia. At first I couldn’t figure out why his account was resonating with me more than Travel and Leisure or the Travel Channel. Then I realized it was because I could relate to him. We were the same age. I wanted to be him. I wanted his adventures.So after returning from my trip, I sat down to talk with to see how he grew his Instagram account from 700 followers to 30,000 followers in just 7 months. has a simple but widely underused strategy that has helped him achieve international recognition and publicity from , CNN, Daily Mail, and more. At one point, he added 10,000 followers to his account in just three days. This success has also encouraged him to start a YouTube channel where he hopes to start providing more concrete advice and tips for fellow travelers. Here’s what I learned:Be Fresh Consumers want to rally behind the companies and people that they follow. They do not want to be forced to choose between two products that are buy 1000 instagram views only differentiated by mildly exciting features. 

Reserve Time to Manage Your Twitter Account

How to increase your twitter followers all these tactics listed above, the most important thing is that you can respond to tweets, mentions and direct messages in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, if you can respond to them instantly, you’ll achieve much better results from Twitter advertising.So with that said, you’ll either have to set up your social media monitoring tools to allow you to be alerted at any given moment or hire a social media manager to do this work.You can also use this to take advantage of bigger retailers who may be using Twitter advertising. There is a chance that they are “sleeping on the job” so to speak. You are allowed to engage their customers and prospects who have been left unattended to. That’s why the say the most important thing to do when using Twitter as a business is to “listen”.Test, Test, Test…Twitter is a very interesting universe where you can employ all sorts of marketing tricks. Spend time testing your Twitter tactics out and once you’ve found something that works, kick it up notch with buy twitter retweets Advertising. For instance, try testing branded hashtags (#) and mentioning (@) key influencers in your industry. You may unlock some interesting opportunities that will become key marketing secrets you’ll hold dear for years to come.

Facebook Search

"If you want to make buy facebook photo likes cheap an effective source of business, invest the time to keep your Facebook page active, interesting and well-liked", says Kevin Lewis in about the recent announcement of a graph search feature. Still in the "beta" testing phase the internal search capability is probably more of interest to other search engines like Google and Yelp at the moment but it is BIG NEWS in online marketing circles for the future of Facebook as a business tool. Implementing this feature is definitely a step towards competing with Google for search in general. In social media terms "graph" is short for "demographics" or the interests and activities of the users in any given database. For users the Facebook Graph Search will enable search by topic and return results that reflect the LIKES or interests of their Facebook friends. So, if I search for "restaurants in" I will get results of the restaurants that my friends have LIKED or Checked In at. Kevin Lewis goes on to say; For businesses, anything that makes access to this useful database is good. So, once Facebook really gets Graph Search rolling, it should be a great addition to your marketing toolbox. In effect, Facebook members (your customers) will be able to search on a topic, and automatically get results that reflect the likes of their Facebook friends. So, if the searcher’s Facebook friends like you, your business is more likely to appear in the search results....If you are doing a good job building and maintaining your following on Facebook, and you keep the interesting content flowing, the expansion of the Graph Search function youtube views money should naturally start to present your business when the search keywords and phrases apply to what you sell.